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Cut Loose Hair Design

A father-daughter run business; we helped Cut Loose Hair Design streamline two very different personalities into one cohesive brand and space.

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"From the first meeting we knew we had struck gold...

"From the first meeting we knew we had struck gold...

Green Couch Design (GCD) was able to mix the barber and salon feel to bring us the family-style comfort my daughter and I were both after. By interviewing both of us with what we were individually wanting – down to the color, structural feel, and presence – Megan produced our exact combined ideas. 

Again, we were both blown away with the team's design for what Cut Loose Hair Design would look like in lights. Megan gave us three separate mood boards in which we both fell in love with. Then, all we had to do was pick one. The branding and name was agreed upon, and our business was on its way. 

GCD was also able to help us with the layout of the shop. Cale took all of our measurements for the equipment and furniture and began the laborious job of figuring out the most efficient layout for us. It all fell into place like peas and carrots. My daughter and I were so pleased with how easy it was for set-up.

I cannot begin to thank Megan and Cale enough for the wonderful and amazing job they performed for my company. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and experience they put into my life-long dream. My daughter and I have an amazing shop and business because of the thoughtful process and time GCD spent putting Cut Loose Hair Design out there for the world to experience."

- Guy Dommert // Salon Owner